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Meet Our Career Advisers

Tuck's career advisers bring a wealth of industry expertise to help you develop your post-工商管理硕士 career.

斯蒂芬·碧瑾T ' 07

Executive Director, 职业服务
电子邮件: 斯蒂芬。.詹姆斯.pidgeon@tuck.达特茅斯.edu

斯蒂芬·碧瑾T ' 07Before attending Tuck, Stephen directed and produced multiple television series and a movie. 工商管理硕士, he worked as an engagement manager at McKinsey in London, focusing on health care consulting with a functional specialty in organizational design. Stephen joined Tuck 职业服务 in 2010. He is the author of the bestselling books “How To Get A Job In Consulting” and “Case Interviews for Beginners.”

Education: University of Westminster, Tuck 工商管理硕士
重点:媒体 & 娱乐


Marc Aquila T ' 07

Director, Business Development
电子邮件: 马克.l.aquila@tuck.达特茅斯.edu

Marc Aquila T ' 07Marc has held marketing, operations and general management roles across multiple industries and in higher education at both Columbia and Dartmouth. After his Tuck degree he was in a global leadership development program at John Deere and a Director at RSG doing strategic product marketing consulting.

Education: Columbia University, Tuck 工商管理硕士
Sector Focus: General Management, Health Care


Caroline Cannon T'98

电子邮件: 卡洛琳.c.cannon@tuck.达特茅斯.edu

Caroline Cannon T'98

Caroline Cannon is the founder of the Academic Venture Lab and a consultant in business start-up and turn-around. 作为一名顾问, Caroline has helped private and non-profit start-ups and mature businesses pivot, 发射, and grow in education, 可持续性, digital health and agriculture. Her past experience includes management consulting with Renaissance Consulting (now the Balanced Scorecard Collaborative and CEO or President roles at several niche businesses in Chicago and the Upper Valley.

Education: UNC-Chapel Hill, Tuck 工商管理硕士
Sector Focus: Social impact, Entrepreneurship, Marketing



电子邮件: 莎拉.l.digiacomo@tuck.达特茅斯.edu

莎拉DiGiacomo新2永久会员网址之前, Sarah worked in 职业服务 at Thayer and Dartmouth, coaching both undergraduate and graduate students. She was also a career adviser and admissions interviewer at St. 劳伦斯大学.

Education: SUNY Potsdam, St. 劳伦斯大学 (M. Ed.)
Focus: Targeted job search, Energy


安德鲁Kaestle T ' 17

电子邮件: 安德鲁.j.kaestle@tuck.达特茅斯.edu

安德鲁Kaestle Prior to pursuing his 工商管理硕士, Andy worked in transaction diligence as a CPA in both the US and Europe. Upon graduating from Tuck in 2017, 安迪加入贝恩, where he spent four years serving clients focused on consumer products, 敏捷的创新, and commercial diligence.

Education: University of San Diego, Tuck 工商管理硕士


Mathias Machado T’09

Director, 职业服务 and Resources
电子邮件: 马赛厄斯.a.machado@tuck.达特茅斯.edu

Mathias Machado T'09Bringing a unique global perspective to Tuck 职业服务, Mathias worked with the Volkswagen Group, 西门子, 博思 & Co. (现在的策略&), TomTom. He specialized for five years in B2B sales in IT services and telecom before Tuck and worked as a product manager in tech post-工商管理硕士.

Education: Instituto Tecnologico de Buenos Aires, Tuck 工商管理硕士
Focus: International Students


劳拉Mogilner T ' 08年

副主任, 职业服务
电子邮件: 劳拉.mogilner@tuck.达特茅斯.edu

劳拉Mogilner T ' 08年Laura brings fifteen years of leadership experience in product management and business strategy & operations across the technology, fintech and clean tech industries, including Google and two Silicon Valley startups. She resides in the Bay Area and is focused on the technology sector.

Education: University of Illinois, Tuck 工商管理硕士
Focus: Technology, West Coast



Director, 职业服务 and Advising
电子邮件: 迪尔德丽.c.o 'donnell@tuck.达特茅斯.edu

Dierdre O 'DonnelDeirdre joined Tuck 职业服务 in 2008 after a 24-year career at Lehman Brothers in their fixed income division. 在雷曼兄弟, Deirdre also took an active role in recruiting as head of Lehman’s core recruiting team for sales and trading and ultimately became global head of diversity recruiting for the firm.

教育:圣. 劳伦斯大学
Focus: Finance (all aspects, including real estate)